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  • Chinese Hackers Show How To Steal Your Car With $20 Of Hardware April 30, 2017
    I’ve never really been crazy about proximity keys, mostly because I’m a scatter-brained fool. The overall car industry loves them, though, and most new cars use these types of keyless entry systems. A team of Chinese researchers have figured out a very clever and cheap way to hack the passive keyless entry system and… Read […]
  • Find Out All the Stories From Reddit's Massive Collaborative Art Project April 30, 2017
    Earlier this month, Reddit pulled off one of its greatest accomplishments ever: getting users to spend 72 hours painstakingly making art together one pixel at a time. Now, one Redditor has created an atlas that documents the stories of each individual art project that contributed to this glorious mess. Read more...
  • Download of the day: PhotoScape April 30, 2017
    Our daily pick of the best free Windows software – a powerful photo editor that's remarkably easy to use. Who needs Photoshop?