BioHacking: Implantable chip attack vector

I will be presenting some of my work from this year at this summers HackMiami conference May 15th-17th.

Additional information about the conventionis available at Hackmiami.com

A whitepaper will be released here upon completion of the presentation.

BioHacking: Implantable chip attack vector – Seth Wahle – Rod Soto

Implantable electronic devices will allow hackers to breach the security of networks, infrastructure and personal electronics. These purpose built implantable devices will be nearly undetectable via currently available personnel scanning and searching devices and techniques. For proof of concept an implantable near-field communications chip was used to compromise Android devices. This simple device could however be used to compromise a wide array of devices and systems. The entire process of using an implantable chip as attack vector to compromise a device will be shown in this presentation.

Bio: Seth Wahle is an engineer and security researcher who specializes in embedded computing, robotic, and radio frequency systems. As a  former Fire Control-man in the United States Navy, He maintained and controlled the ships self defense weapon systems to protect the U.S. fleet against surface and missile attacks. Now as a civilian Seth applies his skills to identify and solve problems in the cyber security, large scale asset management, and automated manufacturing sectors.

Bio: Rod Soto is a security researcher and board member of HackMiami. He is a regular speaker at hacking conferences all over the country on the topics of penetration testing tools and methods, as well as the topic of digital civil liberties. Rod Soto was the winner of the 2012 BlackHat Las Vegas Capture the Flag hacking competition, and is the founder and lead developer of the Kommand&&Kontrol competitive hacking tournament series. He is currently a senior principal researcher with the engineering research team of an information security corporation engaged in digital crime intelligence analysis, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and malware reversal.


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