Project #1: RFID Implant

For a While now I have been researching on the topic of Bio-hacking, I have seen people who are implanting RFID chips, magnets, and other experimental devices. I have decided that I would like to get in on the trans-humanist fun and that I will start by implanting an RFID chip in to my hand so that I may toy about and develop new RFID enabled projects.

After doing a great deal of research on the topic I found that Dangerousthings.com is the only source to obtain a fully NFC compatible implantable chip. NFC compatibility is important to me because it means that I will be able to use the chip with my android phone and this unlocks all sorts of fun possibilities for possible future fun.

I have already purchased the NTAG216 injection kit from their site and will be implanting it soon. This kit ran about $108 after shipping and I must say that I am very impressed with how well the kit is put together. It came shipped in a sturdy box and inside the entire kit is packaged in a thick plastic bag. It came with all sorts of extras to aid in the implant process. So far I am quite happy with the purchase and cannot wait to start playing with my fist biohack.

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