Ntag216 Pre-loaded injectors now for sale!

We at Torchlit Studios are proud to announce that after many long nights working on this project we can now offer our first bio-hacking product!  Its not anything new to the scene but by working with a large NFC tag manufacturer we are able to offer Pre-loaded and sterilized Ntag216 glass tags  at a significant saving over other producers.

These tags are available in the TorchlitStudios.com web store at this link: http://torchlitstudios.com/?product=ntag-216-pre-loaded-injector

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  1. Very Good! Too bad I did not know here when I bought the dangerous things my XNT, I could have just bought the XEM there … Have you thought about, and show how to build the thing for magnetic training, sells it ready too? How about selling implantable magnets as the m31 (could have the option of nitride coating of titanium or other coatings)? And other accessories?

    PS: These are all just ideas … In fact, I wrote using google translate, so I’m sorry for any inconvenience …

    • I built several prototypes of the magnetic trainer and sent them to people with magnet implants for testing to see how well they work, however no one has gotten back to me about the effectiveness. I will have to get implanted before I can further develop it because I cant see how well they work. I have developed a needle inject-able titanium-nitride magnet but I have been busy with some other projects and short on cash to get them manufactured. I will have some pretty cool stuff coming out in may.

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