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First there was Newsgroups and FTP’s, Then there was Napster and its spin offs, And then Torrent came to power. But now as ISP’s  are blocking torrent transfers and the NSA is monitoring you torrent downloads.  A new breed of file transfer systems has finally arrived and its name is Demonsaw.

Demonsaw is a new type of file sharing application that allows you to share your files securely. It’s the next leap in the evolution of file sharing. Demonsaw is designed to protect your anonymity and hide what you’re sharing. Your IP address is never revealed to the world. Share whatever you want, with whomever you want, without fear.

Every file sharing application over the past 45+ years has had 3 common elements: the ability to upload/download files, the ability to control program flow, and the ability to transfer data. Demonsaw is different from other file sharing applications because it breaks up these different types of abilities into separate network components that act autonomously. By doing this demonsaw creates an extra layer of abstraction that completely secures your file sharing.

Demonsaw a type of decentralized Cloud network. It takes the best features from centralized applications, like the Dropbox, and decentralized applications, like BitTorrent, and merges them into a seamless new type of hybrid file sharing application. By levering your home Internet access, you become your own file sharing network.

Secure, Anonymous, Free, Everywhere.

Demonsaw has a great interface and works fantastically. however it is not likely time for you to go ahead and delete that torrent software just yet. It is going to be difficult for you to find the files you are looking for unless you get access to a good server most of which are being kept under wraps at the current time.

In support if Demonsaw, Torchlit studios has now set up a Demonsaw server and we are opening it up to everyone so you may all use it however you please. If you would like to connect to, and use this server here is the address:

DemonSaw is not a web platform so you will need to go to and download the client in order to be able to use it.

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