Implantable Hacking Devices Whitepaper

As promised here is the public release of my implantable hacking devices whitepaper. This whitepaper discusses the methods used to compromise Android phones via an implanted NFC chip as well as up and coming technologies that could make more advances implantable hacking devices a serious threat to physical and cyber security.


Click Here to download the whitepaper .PDF

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Here is a recorded live stream of the Presentation I gave at the Hack Miami Conference:


Special thanks to B-sides Las Vegas for accepting our talk to be presented at the 2015 B-sides Las Vegas convention!


BioHacking: Implantable chip attack vector

I will be presenting some of my work from this year at this summers HackMiami conference May 15th-17th.

Additional information about the conventionis available at Hackmiami.com

A whitepaper will be released here upon completion of the presentation.

BioHacking: Implantable chip attack vector – Seth Wahle – Rod Soto

Implantable electronic devices will allow hackers to breach the security of networks, infrastructure and personal electronics. These purpose built implantable devices will be nearly undetectable via currently available personnel scanning and searching devices and techniques. For proof of concept an implantable near-field communications chip was used to compromise Android devices. This simple device could however be used to compromise a wide array of devices and systems. The entire process of using an implantable chip as attack vector to compromise a device will be shown in this presentation.

Bio: Seth Wahle is an engineer and security researcher who specializes in embedded computing, robotic, and radio frequency systems. As a  former Fire Control-man in the United States Navy, He maintained and controlled the ships self defense weapon systems to protect the U.S. fleet against surface and missile attacks. Now as a civilian Seth applies his skills to identify and solve problems in the cyber security, large scale asset management, and automated manufacturing sectors.

Bio: Rod Soto is a security researcher and board member of HackMiami. He is a regular speaker at hacking conferences all over the country on the topics of penetration testing tools and methods, as well as the topic of digital civil liberties. Rod Soto was the winner of the 2012 BlackHat Las Vegas Capture the Flag hacking competition, and is the founder and lead developer of the Kommand&&Kontrol competitive hacking tournament series. He is currently a senior principal researcher with the engineering research team of an information security corporation engaged in digital crime intelligence analysis, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and malware reversal.



Ntag216 Pre-loaded injectors now for sale!

We at Torchlit Studios are proud to announce that after many long nights working on this project we can now offer our first bio-hacking product!  Its not anything new to the scene but by working with a large NFC tag manufacturer we are able to offer Pre-loaded and sterilized Ntag216 glass tags  at a significant saving over other producers.

These tags are available in the TorchlitStudios.com web store at this link: http://torchlitstudios.com/?product=ntag-216-pre-loaded-injector


Bio-Hacking Project #2 – Magnetic sense Trainer

Prototype #1 for Magnetic Sense Trainer

I though it would be cool to make a way to train the magnetic sense gained through implanting a magnet in your finger. The idea is that this trainer will be plugged in to a frequency generator so that a specific and known signal can be injected into the device and then can be felt through the magnetic implant in order to train the body to differentiate between different signals, amplitudes, etc. For this prototype I decided to use an audio TSSR pigtail for the input so that I could plug the device in to my cell phone to feel different songs, much the same you would by holding your magnet implant next to a speaker. Next I will make TSSR to BNC cable in order to interface with a frequency generator.

Building the trainer is fairly easy to build (see schematic above) for anyone who would like to replicate one for themselves. However, I would highly suggest buying your parts online because purchasing them from radio shack will run you nearly $70 and you will have to get lucky and hope that they actually carry IC's at all. But I have a pretty good one near my house that has a pretty larger stock of components and they had everything I needed.

For anyone looking to build one for themselves the voice coil is just a bunch of enamel wire that was wrapped around a 9v battery and bound with electrical tape. This could work better with professional voice coils. You can buy voice coils online or pull them out old speakers if you do now want to make one yourself.

Here are a couple more pictures:



After recently purchasing an RFID implant for myself and doing a fair bit of research on the topic. I decided to start developing a new implantable RFID tag. With the tag I previously purchased costing just over $100. I feel that with my skill set I can come up with a way to create tag that is competitive in it’s features and do it at a lower price point to make this type of thing more affordable for everyone to enjoy.

I have been working very hard on this project and have finished my design, sourced all of the parts and have an order in to a contract manufacturer to get them built. I will be announcing Torchlit Studio’s first product very soon along with some other exciting details soon, and I anticipate that these new RFID tags will be available within the next month or so. stay tuned for more updates!


Project #1: RFID Implant

For a While now I have been researching on the topic of Bio-hacking, I have seen people who are implanting RFID chips, magnets, and other experimental devices. I have decided that I would like to get in on the trans-humanist fun and that I will start by implanting an RFID chip in to my hand so that I may toy about and develop new RFID enabled projects.

After doing a great deal of research on the topic I found that Dangerousthings.com is the only source to obtain a fully NFC compatible implantable chip. NFC compatibility is important to me because it means that I will be able to use the chip with my android phone and this unlocks all sorts of fun possibilities for possible future fun.

I have already purchased the NTAG216 injection kit from their site and will be implanting it soon. This kit ran about $108 after shipping and I must say that I am very impressed with how well the kit is put together. It came shipped in a sturdy box and inside the entire kit is packaged in a thick plastic bag. It came with all sorts of extras to aid in the implant process. So far I am quite happy with the purchase and cannot wait to start playing with my fist biohack.